Wednesday, 12 October 2016

Day #8 and beyond without plaster cast

Hey, how have you been?  
Seems like I've been on a hiatus.  It also seems like every blogger on the planet has a hiatus every so often.  It wasn't deliberate. It never is.  Well, that's my excuse anyhoo.  However, it was one of those "Round tuit" procrastinating times when I should have got my fingers out of the biscuit tin and on to the damn keyboard!
Just to prove such things exist, here's an image (from ebay) of ....wait for it.......drum roll please......A ROUND TUIT!!
Well, who knew?  AND they come in all manner of sizes, some ceramic, some handpainted.  Check them out here for Round Tuits, and get one as a Christmas pressie for your favourite procrastinator!

Lately there have been a few times when something happened and I thought, "I so need to blog this!" 

So here's a few things that happened to me in the last week:
  • Now the plaster cast is off I've been walking on two feet, and using two crutches. 
  • Gentle short distance walks are helping and I'm getting less pain as each day passes. YAY!!
  • On Sunday, Grumpy Trousers bundled me into the car announcing "We're going out!" like it was some huge deal.  I was so taken aback at his instigation of an outing, that I zipped my mouth shut and duly complied with instructions. 

  • And here are some of those instructions.
  • "Get yerself in the the car then". I'm in already.
  • "Gimme them crutches an I'll put 'em in t'backseat"  Where else will they go?
  • "Av yer got yer 'andbag?" What's that on my knees?
  • "Av yer got some money?" Erm, that'll be a no. I do however, have a pack of mints, a fluffy fruit jelly from the bottom of my handbag, my uncharged phone, and a dried up biro)
  •  "Av yer been t'lav?" Jesus, I'm not 6!! (Even though I can feel a tantrum coming on)
(Apologies for all the above being in dialect.  Grumpy Trousers does't speak in Queen's English.  Let me know if you need it translating)

So all this happened on Sunday as I said.  We ended up at a little shopping village out in the Peak District about an hour from home.  I like this place as its flat, has a small selection of useful shops, and a larger selection of useless ones that sell everything you never knew you wanted.  Example, gorgeous scarves, fragrant candles, driftwood sculptures, handmade cards, wooden ducks in sets of 3, and for some reason life-size painted metal cockerels - go on you know you've always wanted a life-size painted metal cockerel.  No?  Well,that's YOUR Christmas present up the spout then!

Seriously, given my obvious lack of imagination, what would you do with a life-size painted metal cockerel if you were given one as a gift? Too big for the kitchen window sill, just not quite right for the living room. Hmm, bung it in the garden then.  In a bush.  In fact BEHIND a bush, where it can't actually be seen!  Better still, pop down to the Charity Shop and make it a donation.  I'm sure it would look wonderful in their window display and encourage custom.  Just thought of an even better use - donate to local church for use at Harvest Festival time.  What a cracking idea!  It could stand guard over the copious amount of eggs that are given at this time.  See, I'm warming to the idea of life-size painted metal cockerels now.  In fact I might come over all giddy.

Anyway, that's last few days, such as they were.  We're half way through this week already.  Don't they call it Hump Day?