Wednesday, 7 June 2017

Time Thieves and other crap

My blog is in my head most of the time.  I think to myself "I must write this" or "I'd love to share that".  So where does the time go?  I think there must time thieves hiding in my house who steal all the little chunks of time that I could wisely use to hit the keyboard.

You probably have time thieves in your house too.  The ones that stop you from doing all those jobs you meant to do.  The little bastards that fills your drawers and cupboards with crap like perished rubber bands, odd screws, broken pencils, dried up biro's and ten years worth of supermarket receipts, then won't give you time to have a good clear out!  Yep, you're a fellow sufferer too.  I can see it.

My time thieves (in random order):

  • Photography hobby
  • Photoshop
  • Being at the cat's beck and call
  • Volunteer work
  • Napping with the cat
  • Grumpytrousers
  • Books
  • Napping with the cat
  • Cuddling the cat
  • Garden
  • Coffee with my neighbour
  • Garden centres
  • Napping (with the cat.  Again)

Notice I didn't mention shopping.  Apart from doing a necessary food shop, I bloody hate shopping!


So, perhaps you're wondering about my post-op recovery.  So am I to be honest.  Yes I recovered, and certainly enough to get around and resume normality, though not entirely pain free.   However, after my post operative check up the consultant told me that they'd missed a joint and that it would have to be done again.  Yes, you read that right.  It needs to be done again.  That was in November.  A further check up revealed that I didn't need it doing again.  It was inflamed tendons between the joints.  Various things could be done about that, including tendon compression.  It would still involve an operation but this time with a boot for the recovery.

I am so pissed off with being messed about by the orthopedics department that I had a bit of a rant, said I couldn't face a third operation inside two years and what (if anything) could they possibly offer as an alternative?  Steroid injections.  That's all.

Ok, so I had one last December which worked really well for three months. I was pain free, and while not exactly dancing on the ceiling I could get about fine.  My body felt better, I had no other aches or pains and I didn't touch a painkiller for at least two months.

Further check up in April and yes I could have yet another steroid injection.  I had that last month and it last all of three weeks.  To be fair they did warn me that successive injections would probably not last as long as the first one.  Well they were bang on with that one.  The only thing they seem to have got right.  I'm back at square one now and have absolutely no idea where to go from here.  I see the consultant again next month.  Perhaps he'll write in my notes that I'm stroppy and exasperated!