Wednesday, 30 December 2015

More than a year has passed.......

My last posting was from my holiday in Fuertaventura November 2014.  I was due to have my left foot operation the week after I got back.  It never happened......

  • In the rush to get to the airport to fly home I forgot to put on my flight socks.
  • Two days later, BIG stinging pain in back of left leg
  • Visit to GP confirmed a superficial thrombosis 
  • Result?  Operation cancelled!  "Let us know when you're recovered please"
  • 5 months later, recovered. I let them know.
  • New date set for early September this year

  • Mammogram late July
  • Mass found
  • Breast cancer confirmed
  • Foot operation cancelled yet again (note - twice)
  • Lumpectomy operation 10th August to evict the Squatter
  • Most of October taken up by Radiotherapy
  • Squatter replaced by a Gremlin with a pick-axe who seems to work night-shifts
  • The Gremlin is actually my tissue repairing itself together with a load of disturbance by the Radiotherapy
  • My left boob still has a big blue stain on it from the injected radioactive dye on the day of the operation. 
  • The blue stain is a conversation piece and is affectionately known as Smurf Juice)
So folks, it's been a funny old year.  I'm still waddling like a penguin, but at least I'm still here.

I see the foot consultant in two weeks.  I hardly dare set an operation date in case something else rears its ugly head to prevent it. On the other hand, it could be third time lucky!

I hope someone will stop by and say hello.  I want to know how you all are!


  1. I searched and found my way here to see how you were doing...
    Shocked and concerned doesn't get close
    Hope all is now clear, 'smurf juice?', Love It!

    Mr C

    1. Goodness me! It's months since I checked the blog and here's a reply from an old chum. Well then, I'm about to update it, so lets hear from you again. I hope you're well :-)

  2. Hey you... crap seems to catch up with us... no? I don't have the same problems you have... bless your heart... I hope all is well...


    1. Hey - good to hear from you. It's been a while. I'll message you


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