Wednesday, 24 August 2016

Getting Stronger By The Day

I'm rather chuffed to report that I'm actually feeling a little stronger as each day passes.  I'm still at odds with the zimmer frame that they sent me home from hospital with but it's OK for steadying me as I move from armchair to wheelchair.

I met up yesterday with Mick my neighbour who is equally as incapacitated as me, having had a knee operation a few days before my foot op.  We sat like two old-timers in the sun for a short while, him on one of our dining chairs brought out on the driveway and me in my wheelchair. We laughingly discussed ailments, how we're getting around, the stupid stuff we've done (read that as stupid risks taken) etc. then suddenly we were joined by Beryl another neighbour who is also my close friend.  She sat cross legged on the hot concrete and it was like we were having a party.  Shame there was no beer!

Trying to demonstrate  my wheelchair prowess to Beryl I didn't take into account the camber of the driveway and suddenly found myself rolling backwards with no way of stopping myself before I ended up in next door's rose bushes!  Thankfully she was quick off the mark and saved me from being stabbed by thorns.  See what I mean about taking stupid risks?  It was kind of funny though, although not as funny as Grumpy Trousers letting go of the wheelchair a few days before as it scooted down the slope of the driveway and headed for the kerb on the other side of the road!

I honestly thought the silly old fart was behind me so rather enjoyed the ride as it gained momentum. But that damn kerb was advancing a bit too quick and panic set in.  Just in time he realised what he'd done and raced to catch me before I ended up head first in someone's garden!

Loud sniggers and guffaws followed from Beryl who'd witnessed everything from her own garden.  Grumpy was doubled up out of breath (and laughing) and I was completely bloody confused.

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