Saturday, 27 August 2016

Sick of Sitting Around!

I knew it wouldn't be long before I started getting twitchy.  I need to be moving around, doing stuff, clearing cupboards, mending things, housework, whatever.  After two and a half weeks, the urge was distinctly getting the better of me.  Now my lower cupboards have never been so clean and tidy.  Or the bin so full.

It takes a bit of thinking about but stuff is doable even with a cast on my leg.

Things I can do -

  • Get myself from room to room using the wheelchair.  Not without its drawbacks noticeable by the missing chunks on the hall skirting board.  Oh and the wall scuffs caused by the wheelchair handles.  Grumpy Trousers swears I have eyes in the back of my head except when I'm reversing out of the bathroom
  • Wash my hair in the kitchen sink under the mixer tap.  I kneel my leg in cast on a dining chair and stand on my good one.
  • Peel vegetables - same process or sit at the kitchen table
  • Mix and bake a cake - same process
  • Make coffee and tea providing people will carry their own out of the kitchen
  • Vacuum, pushing myself along in the wheelchair with my good leg
  • Dust but only with a short reach
  • Fill and empty the dishwasher
  • Fill and empty the washing machine
  • Do some ironing.  Ironing board brought down to wheelchair level is equally comfy as standing up to do it.
  • Stand on my good leg to hang clothes in the wardrobe.  Leg in cast is no excuse for tardiness.  Well actually it is - I just do it when I absolutely HAVE to!
  • Manoeuvering the wheelchair in tight spaces.  I have to say the tight turns and shunting back and forth has to be harder than reversing an articulated lorry (OK well that might be a bit of an exaggeration but quite honestly it will turn on a tanner).  This apart from the night when I got wedged between bathroom doorway and hall radiator.  Expletives?  You've never heard the like!!)
  • Water my pots and planters in the lower garden

Things I can't do (but I'm working on these!)
  • Actually walk, or even put two feet to the floor
  • Take a shower - topping and tailing just doesn't cut it for me.  I still feel a bit manky.
  • Get in and out of the house my myself.  Currently a logistical nightmare involving precise positioning of wheelchair at outer doors, and zimmer frame ready on the outside.  The process works in reverse to get me back in.  Definitely needs another person. For some bizarre reason known only to himself, Grumpy Trousers gets confused by this process and I end up directing operations
  • Water the higher part of the garden.  Grumpy will do it if I remind him.  Then he has the hose on full stream and blasts the heads off the flowers.  No amount of me knocking on the window and gesticulating deters him from this sport!
  • Hang out the  washing as the line is in the higher part of the garden.  Grumpy has a rather unique way of hanging stuff but I don't care so long as it gets dried

So clearly, what I can do far outweighs what I can't which I am very chuffed about.  This posting has been a good exercise in itself and stopped me from being negative.  There's enough of that with Grumpytrousers.  That's a posting for another day.

Signing off for this evening due to having a numb bum.  I told you I was sick of sitting about!

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