Wednesday, 16 April 2014

Penguin takes a holiday

Hello my lovelies!  Tomorrow I'm off to Wales for a week, staying in a cottage on the coast near Porthmadog and Portmeirion.  I'm praying that the weather behaves itself but then again, Wales is notorious for drizzle and mizzle.  That's the kind of rain that while not heavy, can soak you through while you fight to get your brolly up.  No wonder you see loads of abandoned brollies in Welsh hedgerows - people have just given up and thought "Ah WTF - I'm pi$$ wet through anyway!"

So, in anticipation of mixed weather I've packed 2 hoodies, 1 sweater, a couple of t-shirts, a decent top for dining out in, my good jeans together with the not-so-good jeans.   I'll  travel in yoga pants and zip top and despite all I've taken will probably live in those all week!

The journey is getting broken up by a night's stay in north Wales at a small town where my great grandparents originated.  I've never been before and it was an opportunity to get a sense of the place.  My only dread is navigating through Stockport and Manchester, then the motorway towards north Wales.  It's a horrible road to drive if you don't know it very well and will no doubt stress out Grumpy trousers.  He'll need us to stop at the service area at Chester for a pee and a 5 cigarettes to chill himself out.  Cigarettes for him not me.  The rest of the journey will run smoothly until the sat nav tells us we are arriving at the hotel in which case we'll overshoot the entrance and Grumpy Trousers will take up to a couple of miles before he finds somewhere to turn round.  He will have missed a multitude of opportunities in the meantime, and I will have turned off the sat nav in lieu of becoming homicidal.

So I'm all packed and ready to got.  Just need to deliver Polly to the cattery in the morning, and cry all the way home because I hate leaving her.  She'll have the huff on when I fetch her back in a week, and won't speak to us for days.  Until I show her a can of Tuna!

Bye for now xxxxxxx

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