Wednesday, 9 April 2014

Single minded, or multi tasker?

Hey you!  How are you today?  Better than the weather I hope.

I was surprised to find it's been over a week since I last posted. I have really missed tapping away at the keyboard as my thoughts fall out of my head through to my fingers.  A couple of reasons for my silence is that I've been a bit busy, and also under the weather.

I've been right off-colour for a while but I know the cause so I'm not too worried.  It's just the pain in my hip getting me down.  I get the MRI scan on my foot tomorrow so within a short while I'll know the outcome and what the course of action is going to be.  In the meantime, I'll keep shoving more chemicals into my body hope they keep the pain at bay.

So, the busy bit.....Grumpy Trousers is working on the family ancestry (his side) and literally has stuff everywhere!  I don't mind a bit of untidiness, but his just takes over.  Kitchen worktops, dining room table, spare sofa, spare bed, and any available floor space.  Quite honestly, if we found him a barn to work in, it wouldn't be big enough!  There's nowhere I can go to do anything without having to shift his stuff first.  It's not mess of course, just a bit of organised chaos.  It's how he seems to work.  But frustrating for me because I end up having to deal with it before I can set to and make meals, or set the table.  It's actually better if I shout out to him to move it himself then I don't get into bother for putting it somewhere he can't find it.

I do admire what he's doing though.  I admire his tenacity and determination.  I also admire his single-mindedness, and that is something I don't have.  He can carry on with a job to the cost of almost everything else.  With time slipping away he'll eventually emerge from wherever he is, declaring "blooming 'eck, where's the time gone?" Swiftly followed by "What's for tea?"  Clearly it's his stomach that has a perception of time, not his mind.

Single mindedness is something that's in short supply for me.  When I'm writing, doing research, or some photography I can get lost in time, but generally my brain is multi-tasking despite what I'm working on at that moment.  I have this bizarre perception of time whereby I can suddenly stop what I'm doing and decide the time must be around 11am for example.  I check the clock and sure enough, it's 11am.  I'm rarely wrong on this, and I've often wondered how it happens, or indeed if anyone else is able to do it.  It doesn't help me be any better organised though, as you'll see below.

On the other hand I can be inordinately scatty which I think is the result of  creating several tasks at once - I begin with good intentions, and set out my photography project or writing for that day, then I remember the laundry so I sort it and put in machine but forget to switch it on.  I've been known to leave the dishwasher half emptied, bedroom half vacuumed, toilet cleaner put round the bowl but has been there so long it stuck and won't flush away......need I go on?   I used to be so good at completing things in a timely fashion but now I seem to bog myself down.  I blame daytime TV, Facebook, Spotify, Amazon, eBay, face-packs, gassing with the neighbours (though not with a face pack on - I do have SOME level of dignity).............I can see this is leading to procrastination, can't you?

(image from Microsoft Clipart)

So, it all gets done eventually but with a kind of scattergun approach.  I'm not too bothered mind you, there's a fair amount of coffee and the occasional biscuit consumed while I'm thinking of how else I can entrench myself in interesting distractions.

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