Sunday, 17 August 2014

Hip Injection a Success - and Rant About My Car

Crikey, this is like a formal announcement!  I guess it deserves one because the cortisone injection in my hip worked really well.  I've been up and down stairs like a rat up a drain pipe.  No burning or stinging pains, no nerve pain shooting down my leg.  Nothing.  Nada.  I have no idea how long it will last, but after 2 weeks I'm walking much more normally, well there's still a slight waddle but nothing of any significance.  So while I'm blessed with this I'm attempting to make the most of it while I can.

I've tramped through town over the damn market cobbles, I've walked the half mile to our local shops, and hope to be back doing my exercises when I get the all clear to try again.  I never thought I'd see this day, I really didn't.  If I could measure my euphoria on a scale of Misery to Delight, it would be up the top end nestling about a 9.5 with Delight.  I'm taking a half point off due to a dull ache that persists when I get in bed.  BUT, that's the only time I need to take painkillers.  I've been a bit guilty from time to time of taking more than the prescribed dose - out of desperation, so it's brilliant that I only need 2 now.

Car problems
I have a nifty Vauxhall that developed a steering problem last week.  The EPS light came on so I contacted the main dealer who I've always had it serviced with and was asked to bring it in for a diagnostic check.  After the test had been carried out and I was £79 poorer, they told me I needed a new steering column and a new clutch.  There were some other bits and pieces that I already knew about but I certainly wasn't expecting a quote of - OMG wait for this......£2,500!!  My car's only got 44,000 miles on it and in top nick.  Anyway, the receptionist who looked like a false eyelashed, fake tanned 12 years old then announced to me that it wasn't worth repairing and I should think about trading it in.  Wait - it got worse.....or one of their own mechanics "would probably buy it off you to do up".  I was livid but calmly asked for my keys and walked out after telling them I was going for a second opinion.

To cut a long story very short, a  brilliant local guy who has a repair shop looked it over and declared nothing wrong with the clutch - just a bit heavy, but he couldn't get to the sensor on the steering to check that.  He also advised it should have been carried out under Vauxhall warranty - never mind demanding that I pay for it.  Oh, and one of the little jobs that needed doing that the main dealer quoted over £90 for, got done with local guy for £40.  I was seriously naffed off with the main dealer and put in a complaint.  The service manager rang and tried to give me a load of bull-shit but I stuck to my guns and they eventually agreed to replace the steering column under Vauxhall warranty.

However, the flipping thing is STILL not right - the indicator doesn't cancel after turning left (nothing wrong with it before), and the steering is also heavier while turning left.  It's much lighter turning right.  So, another phone call to the main dealer, this time to the head honcho.  Result - it's booked in yet again for Monday morning.  If they bugger me about again, they can get ready!

There....rant over - feel SO much better now!


  1. Yay! to the hip injection - booo! to the car woes. Hope it gets sorted soon xx

    1. Hopefully all sorted with the car. Oooh what a saga that was!


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