Sunday, 31 August 2014

Rather a useless day today

Serves me right of course, and I blame the red wine.  One glass - I ask you, ONE GLASS last night and it's stuffed up my day today.  No, before you ask the glass wasn't the size of a bucket, but it was a large one at 175 ml.  I had a pint of iced water along with it too, but unfortunately it got a grip of me and I didn't get up until 10.30 today.

I had all manner of things planned too.  Hoped to be up by 7-ish, washed and dressed, out to Morrisons for the weekly shop, visit daughter for a quick coffee and then do some gardening this afternoon.  I had a mound of paperwork to wade through as well - pension stuff now I've retired.  What did I do? Here's the list:

  • Dossed around feeling rubbish
  • Stared at the paperwork
  • Did nothing about it
  • Made a coffee
  • Had breakfast
  • Looked at the clock and decided it was too late to start much
  • Answered phone to daughter
  • "If you're coming round can you bring some milk?"  Cheeky madam!
  • Groaned
  • Decided maybe I should get my backside in gear
  • Went to post office and missed the post
  • Groaned
  • Got milk
  • Went to daughters
  • Made coffee
  • She was banging about upstairs so I shouted up to ask what she was doing
  • "Come up and see"
  • I went upstairs only to have a paint brush shoved in my hand
  • "Do us that door, will you?"
  • Groaned
  • Painted door with brush and mini gloss roller
  • Coughed a lot
  • Drank my cold coffee
  • We both finished off and went downstairs
  • Caught up with Coronation Street on her fancy telly 
  • Had another coffee (warm this time)
  • Had her cat on my lap
  • My jeans had a fur coat
  • I went home
  • Made a sandwich for Grumpy Trousers
  • Went to Morrisons
  • Groaned
  • Saw old chum
  • Had a natter with old chum
  • Laughed with old chum
  • Head cleared
  • Felt better
  • Went home and unpacked shopping
  • Made a quiche from scratch
  • Figured I'd done enough for one day
  • Paperwork still there
  • I'm still procrastinating as will be obvious from this posting!

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