Wednesday, 3 September 2014

I have a date for my foot operation!

13th  November is the big day.  Good job I'm not superstitious.  I saw the consultant yesterday and he was very optimistic regarding the success.  

In one way I'll be glad to get it over and done with, but I'm looking at a recovery time of more than a year.  I'll be in a plaster cast for about 6 weeks, then will have to wear a spongy boot thing.  All that time I'll be on crutches.  I'm quite looking forward to that bit - I can see me causing mischief and mayhem with them.  The rest of it I'm NOT looking forward to.  Get a load of this ......


The operation can be performed comfortably under a Local Anaesthetic block, which is achieved by either a series of injections around the Ankle, or an injection behind your Knee. You will be fully awake during the operation and will be able to feel touch, pressure and vibration, but you will not feel any pain. If you do not wish to consider having the operation performed whilst still awake, or your Consultant does not feel this is the best option for you, you will be offered Local Anaesthetic with sedation or General Anaesthesia. If this is the case then you may need to be referred to a different surgical team to facilitate this and your consultant will be happy to discuss with you further.

The operation usually takes 60-90 minutes, although you will be in the Day Surgery unit longer.  You must have a competent adult at home for the first day and night after surgery.  Your operated leg may be non weight-bearing in a cast for approximately 6-8 weeks. It is therefore very important that you have people to look after you and any dependants such as children, elderly or disabled relatives you have during this time.

First 2-4 days
·         This is the time you are likely to have most pain but you will be given painkillers to help.  You must rest completely for 2-4 days.
·         You foot will be in a cast.
·         You will be able to stand and take weight on your non-operated foot) after the operation, but you must rest, with your feet up, as much as possible. 
·         You should restrict your mobility / to going to the bathroom and when getting about use your crutches in the way you have been shown. 
·         You can get about a little more after 3 days.

One week after surgery
·         You may need to attend for your foot to be checked and, if necessary, redressed/recasted

Two weeks after surgery
·         You must attend again. Sutures will be removed and a fresh cast applied.

Between 6-8 weeks after surgery
·         The cast will be removed, if all is proceeding well and you may be fitted with a removable boot that will allow you to start walking.
·         Your foot will be x-rayed to check how healing is progressing

Between 8-10 weeks after surgery
·         You should be able to start wearing a good lace-up shoe/trainer.
·         The foot will still be swollen and twinges of discomfort are not uncommon at this time due to you increasing activity. Your leg will feel naturally weak to start with as it has been in a cast.
·         You will be instructed regarding rehabilitation exercise or you may be referred to a physiotherapist.
·         You may return to work but may need longer if you have an active job
·         You may return to driving if you can perform an emergency stop. You must check with your insurance company before driving again.

Between 12-16 weeks after surgery
·         The foot should continue to improve and begin to feel normal again.
·         There will be less swelling.
·         Sport can be considered depending on your recovery.

Six months after surgery
·         You will have a final review between 3- 6 months following surgery.
·         The swelling should now be slight and you should be getting the full benefit of surgery.

Twelve months after surgery
·         The foot has stopped improving with all healing complete.

Please note, if a complication arises, recovery may be delayed. If you develop a complication please contact the unit.

So there we are - that's my recovery programme.  Grumpy Trousers will have to come with me to the Pre-Assessment to see the consultant so he can be informed how it will affect him, just so he knows that I'm not pulling a fast one on him.  From then on I'll be queening it like Lady Muck!

I now feel in really urgent need to start my Christmas shopping, take a little holiday, spring clean the house and Lord knows what else before I'm incapacitated.  AND I have a room to decorate.  Better get started then!

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