Monday, 19 September 2016

Blogs to follow in short supply

Folks, I've noticed that all the blogs I used to follow are a bit like Penguins Waddle, updated sporadically.  It seems like all the stuffing has gone out of us in terms of writing, or writing anything of interest.

I've taken a good look round and it seems blogging comes in waves of whatever is of current interest. The most prolific bloggers have taken to doing reviews of clothing and cosmetics which makes me think there's something it in for them.

OK, so if that's the case I'll stick my hand up for the following:

  • Reviewing Caribbean cruises.  I always fancied doing something exotic.  It's not Grumpy Trousers thing, but I don't mind going on my own.  For research purposes you understand.

  • Or maybe a couple of weeks holiday in The Maldives? Oh, but then again, Grumpy wouldn't want to travel even that far.  Looks like single room then, again for research purposes.  I could do a cracking review on lone travel to The Maldives. Right?

  • Oh, come on, a Monday to Friday in Prague?  Nice little city break, getting ratted on a bar crawl.  I could do a great review on that!  Please note, the image is  not me - I'm not that greedy.

  • Not even that?  Oh I get it, nothing short of a whole weekend in Skegness.  In a caravan.

  • I can hardly wait.  Bingo anyone?  Oh and it's your round - mine's a Sex On The Beach!

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