Monday, 31 March 2014

Visit to GP

Sigh.......this morning's visit didn't quite go as I expected.  You recall I said I was seeing him about my hip problem?  I anticipated an examination at the very least but there wasn't one.  However, that could be because I had a full mobility examination this time last year.  We had a chat, and I explained how the pain makes me feel low at times. In fact I had such a bad weekend with pain levels that I didn't do very much. I'm thankful for the arrival of my lovely daughters for Mother's Day lunch yesterday.  A wonderful distraction!

Cutting a long story short I now have a referral to a specialist physiotherapist (that's something new!) and a prescription for enough painkillers to knock out an elephant.  Apparently I should take the painkillers on a regular basis as a preventative measure and not wait for the pain to set in.

My body is now full of bloody chemicals and just the very thought of that in itself is enough to make me low. I have to alter my mindset and regard it as a temporary thing until the root cause of the pain can be solved.  Indeed - IF it can be solved.  I know that sounds negative but after years of this, I'm pretty cynical.

I hate my body today.  It's creaks, groans and middle aged malfunctions; nothing about it seems to work properly or look nice any more.

If I feel more myself tomorrow I'll regard myself in a more positive light.  If I can get some days pain free I might feel like doing more activities and stop dwelling on pain.  Something I should be thankful for is that I'm alive!  The pain might be a bloody nuisance but it means I can feel.  It might make me moan a lot but that means I can communicate.  If I can communicate I can laugh.

Looks like I talked myself into something positive!


  1. So sorry about your hip problem. It's ironic that when our minds are at their peak, our bodies start to go. Since I'm a cheerleader encouraging baby boomers to find their bliss in my own blog, you know that I LOVE your positive attitude despite your challenges!

  2. Thank you so much for the comment Julie! Staying positive is certainly an uphill battle at times, but it wins in the end.

    Have a great day xxx

  3. I'm sorry to hear about your hip problems. I can identify with feeling full of pills. I was offered preventative medication for daily migraines and they turned me into a b*@!*y zombie. Not good, so stopped them. I try to grab a piece of each day and make it positive. They won't beat me.
    Sounds like you have a similar approach to life. Good for you as well.

    1. Thank you so much Dorne. I'm sorry to hear about your daily migraines. I can't begin to imagine how debilitating that must be. Yet we must find something positive each day because without it the struggles get out of control. That can lead to depression which we don't want if we can avoid it. A daily laugh is sometimes all it takes for me. How about you?


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