Wednesday, 21 September 2016

Day #1 without the plaster cast

Oh dear me....where do I start??  I had great hopes for today such as:

  1. less pain
  2. more mobility
  3. stable mood
  4. a long and satisfying shower!
So one out of four wasn't brilliant.  In fact it was No. 4 on the list that worked out fine. In fact it was utter bliss.    No's 1-3?  Not so good.

It was probably my own fault for not taking my painkillers soon after getting up.  I left them until mid morning for some stupid reason only known to my sub-conscious.  Result?
  1.   Crippling, searing hot pain in my ankle area on both sides, so couldn't put my foot down.
  2.   The ortho-sandal from the hospital wasn't helping as it kept coming loose, and the walking stick wasn't keeping me stable,  Reintroduced the zimmer frame, so slightly better.
  3.   Mood dropped like a brick due to the pain and spent a good half hour in floods of tears, being a right mardy-bum wondering if I'll ever be able to walk properly again!  

I had to buck myself up after a while as I could see Grumpy was getting a bit upset.  He's not used to me caving in.  I'm the strong one.  The one that keeps everyone else glued together.  So today, he had to be strong for me and it doesn't come easily for him.  I felt drained afterwards, and couldn't concentrate or be interested in very much.  The mid morning painkillers eventually kicked in and I needed to sleep again for a short while.  So having learned from that mistake, I've kept them topped up throughout the day at 4 hour intervals and don't feel in so much pain now.

My next door neighbour kindly loaned me his crutches as his knee is better and he's not using them much now.  I test drove them this afternoon and all was good.  I have them on short term loan now until I get some of my own.  In hindsight, I realised that the hospital never asked me how I was getting around at home, and what I was using.  Neither did they ask to see me walking in the ortho-sandal to make sure I was OK with it.  So what's that all about then?  Reflecting on this has made me quite cross and unhappy.  I need to stop thinking about it now, and just bloody well phone the fracture clinic tomorrow and ask pertinent questions!  You never think of these things at the time do you?

However, I found this fabulous cartoon that I need to conclude my mardy piece of writing with, if only to show that I don't stay down for long.  It appealed to be as not only does she look a bit like me, it's also the sort of daft thing I'd do.  Eventually!

I found the image on

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