Thursday, 22 September 2016

Day #2 without plaster cast

Slightly better day today.  Remembered to take the painkillers in plenty of time so gave myself a good start on the day.

  • Had another long and satisfying shower!
  • Put cream on my ghastly peeling skin.  Lumps of my skin are falling off. I'm like a shedding snake.  I've even resorted to putting cling film over the creamed areas so my skin will shluuuurp it in.  I'll try anything once!
(Not my image I hasten to add.  Credit below)
Image credited

  • Foot and toes still swollen.  I'd post a picture, but I respect your digestion.
  • Had an outing to a small shopping mall to visit the opticians so Grumpy could get his eyes tested.
  • I figured I could manage the short distance in and out of the mall on the crutches.
  • Didn't bargain for needing to make several stops due to people cutting in front of me while mindlessly gabbing on their mobiles.  
  • Sat for an hour in opticians so my bum was completely numb.
  • Grumpy took me for a coffee and a toasted teacake afterwards
  • Had to use the lift to go downstairs to the Ladies.  Very kind person held the toilet door open for me.  I was well impressed with that small act of kindness after being cut up earlier by ignorant mobile-users.
  • Headed out of the mall but every step was agony (painkillers were wearing off)
  • So happy to get into car and let out a loud squeal of relief.  If anyone else had heard that they may well have been confused with the scene from When Harry Met Sally.
So folks, that made up a big part of my day.  Oh, and I just discovered the cling film that I forgot to take off.  It's been on 10 hours, so a bit overdue for removal.  Nice!


  1. Oh no Linda! So sorry. Sounds miserable and you have my utmost sympathy. The way you described it, I could picture you trying to go about your day - what a challenge. Keep on those pain meds and you have my prayers for a quick recovery. (Even though I know at our age, it ain't like it was in our 20s - these things take time and an unholy amount of patience!) Hang in there!

    1. Thanks Julie, and so lovely to hear from you. Yes indeed, life is a challenge at the moment, but slowly each day brings a little new progress. I continue to waddle like a penguin which I find so funny as I create mayhem wherever I go. Supermarkets dread me shopping there as I can't walk a straight line unaided, so I collide with displays and small children have to run for cover!!


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