Tuesday, 20 September 2016

It's off......Hoo Bloody Ray!!

So the plaster cast came off today!!  Two feet back on the floor, albeit with some weird velcro sandal and not a boot.  No crutches either.  I'm really looking forward to  having a shower in the morning after 6 weeks of topping and tailing.  My foot looks like some old tortoise, and trust me when I say it's absolutely vile.  I've slathered cream all over it and put a sock back on.  I hope it looks more socially acceptable in the morning.  Bluuuurgh!!

All the way through having my cast on I've had no pain whatsoever.  Take the cast off and guess what?  It f*cking hurts now.  And then some!  I've been assured it will settle down.  It better.

Grumpy took me out for my tea to celebrate, just to a local pub where I promptly ordered a very large Pino Grigio in lieu of a starter.  Priorities, fellow Waddlers.  Priorities - they must be got right!  I enjoyed my food a bit too much and now have indigestion.  A small price to pay after being under house arrest for the last 6 weeks.

Tomorrow's another day.  Night all x

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