Thursday, 23 January 2014

Am I REALLy a grumpy old bag?

The answer to that is a definite yes.  Well sometimes.  Not all the time.  I'd even stretch that to ....hmmm, maybe 30% yes, leaving a jolly 70% of non-grumpiness. 

That's not to say I'm not in pain all the time because I am.  The grumpiness percentage hinges on what level of pain I'm in.

Unless I'm asleep. 

Which I do a lot. 

It's almost a hobby, me having a nap. 

It's the first thing I do after my evening meal. 

I enthrone myself in my favourite armchair, a modern soft leather recliner which at the touch of a button on the side, throws me backwards and lifts my legs and feet.  The moment it settles into it's maximum recline, my breathing becomes steadier, my aches subside and my eyelids droop, then close as I give in to temporary unconsciousness. 

Twenty minutes is all it takes to recharge my batteries.  In that respect I'm quicker to recharge than my mobile!

Even as a kid, after school I needed a power nap before I could face homework or indeed anything else later in the day.  I've never  been sure why my mind and body need to 'shut up the shop' for a  quick snooze, but I've hurtled through life with this need and I can't see it changing now.

At work, it's been a bit of an embarrassment.  I know a lot of people who have to fight sleepiness in work meetings and presentations.  It happens, but it's a bit bloody much for it to set in when when my boss paused for a few seconds while dictating.  As he resumed, his voice jolted me out of my reverie, resulting in my pencil skidding up the paper and shooting off the end of the notebook.  I can tell you I was pretty mortified at that one!  It manifests as a buzzing fuzziness in my head when my brain is not concentrating or has nothing to do, nothing to think about, nothing to be responsible for.  It thinks it's under stimulated if it's not activated, so seemingly in a fit of pique decides to chuck it's toys out of the pram and flounce off in a huff! 

Try as I might I can't control it when it does this, much to the amusement of colleagues and annoyance of my family.  I can actually fall asleep anywhere, at parties, on buses, trains, and certainly as a passenger in the car.  If I'm the driver it's never a problem which is how I worked out about the under stimulation thing.  I also noticed in work situations that if I was presenting or contributing to a meeting I was perky and alert.  I don't suppose I'll ever get to the bottom of this 'problem' so I'll stick with the conclusion  that under stimulation is the factor.  Heaven help me as I get older - I'll be asleep all day long unless I find myself a whole plethora of stimulating hobbies.  Or a toy-boy.

Anyway, I digress.....

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