Friday, 24 January 2014

Right then - about my foot!

Right then folks, up to now I've not said much about what ails my foot.  I've hinted at the pain levels so I figure because a lot of this blog will be dedicated to the sodding thing, I best get on and tell you all about it.

First of all, the main reason for starting this blog is because I know damn well there has to be other people out there with the same or similar problem.  If I can get plenty of followers, someone amongst them will be able to relate or empathise.  Maybe we can help each other because it's good to feel you aren't alone with your problem.

My foot started being painful about 6 years ago.  It began with a dull ache underneath which the podiatrist told me was Plantar Fasciitis; a common problem and easily managed.  I was given insoles, and even after months of wear none provided any relief.   They were all too hard, or filled my shoes too much making them tight and uncomfortable.  Sadly they are now in a neat, but unused pile in my wardrobe.

Eventually I found some in Boots similar to THESE . The ones shown here are full insoles and mine were half ones but they are from the same range.  The level of comfort they brought was far greater than any from the podiatrist, and I think it's because they were made from really firm foam, and not hard plastic.  You see, I have a fallen arch too, resulting in my foot being completely flat.  In turn this makes it extra wide.  The orthotics from the podiatrist seemed to be in just a standard width fitting and eventually chafed like hell, making sore spots that bled.  On top of the foot pain, I didn't need bloody chafing.  Or to coin a delightful northern expression - chuffing chafing!  Therein lies a whole new blog post on a completely different form of chafing ;-)  There I go, digressing again!

I revisited my GP on several occasions until I finally got him to agree to a hospital referral.  Various appointments at orthopaedics over the last 3 years have still not resolved anything.  They suggested to me that steroid injections may bring some relief but of course they couldn't guarantee the success.  I was happy to try and had two injections last year.  Nothing worked.  Not even for a day!

My walking oddly because of my foot always hurting has brought about another painful problem.  My right hip.  So left foot, right hip both painful.  Result?   You got it - the Penguin's Waddle!

This is where the grumpiness sets in.  An occasional pain, like a toothache or a headache doesn't have a massive impact.  Years of constant pain does so I can now forgive anyone for being a grump as a result of pain.  So, on bad days, which I seem to have a lot of at the moment, walking any distance is not only desperately uncomfortable, but can actually stop me in my tracks due to either the foot or the hip having a spasm.   When it passes, I can carry on for a few hundred yards until it happens again.  I hide it quite well I think.  Most people who know me are aware of this rolling gait, but I don't always say WHY I need to stop walking.  I'll use a multitude of reasons for stopping, such as pausing to look at a notice for example; or looking for the singing bird in the trees, a shop window maybe, and I'm ALWAYS glad to see a friend coming towards me to stop briefly for a chat.  I ABSOLUTELY hate moaning about the pain.  I feel that once I unleashed it, I'd never stop!  And everyone hates a moaner don't they?  Come on, be honest, you do don't you?  You'll say otherwise I know you will, because I do it too, but you hate it all the same.

Anyway, moaning doesn't make the pain go away.  Swearing does a bit, but generally dwelling on it makes it worse, so the best thing for me is to quit the expletives, shut up and find a distraction. Carol E Wyer is a brilliant novelist for 'ladies of a certain age' and has provided me with the welcome distractions I need, plus laughter which is so therapeutic.   Her books are enormous fun, together with stuff I can relate to.  Maybe you can too.  Oh, and I also read erotic filth.  That's also a great distraction. And fun.

I have a hospital appointment for a second opinion due next month.  I daren't even allow myself to be even cautiously optimistic until after I've seen this new consultant, but I'm willing to give him a try as he's an actual foot specialist where the other chap I saw is a general orthopaedic consultant.  If the problem with my foot is properly treatable, and I could walk more normally surely will take some of the stress from my hip.

In the meantime, I'm off to have a distracting read..............................

See you soon xxxx


  1. Aw! I'm really embarrassed now. (Well, a little bit!) Thank you for mentioning me and my books. That is really kind.
    I empathise hugely with you. Not because I suffer the same problems as you, but I certainly know what it is like to endure pain over a long period and as for steroid injections - yeow!
    Let's find you some fellow sufferers or others who comprehend the problems and hope you get some release by blogging and meeting others. :)

    1. Hey, you're welcome Carol. Yes,there are many of us out there with chronic and painful conditions. The followers are off to a slow start but I'll just keep on blogging!


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