Monday, 27 January 2014

The pain - to drug or not to drug? That is the question!

In view of the fact that me and my foot are currently getting nowhere with the NHS, I've had to resort to painkillers. 

Over time my GP has prescribed a range of them from simple paracetamol, through to codeine, ibuprofen, and Tramadol.  None of which work very successfully.  I had to stop the ibuprofen as it gave me stomach acid, and the Tramadol just made me feel nauseous.  Codeine for some reason has no effect whatsoever. 

However, I thought I'd found a breakthrough with the paracetamol when one morning while in a hurry to get to work, I inadvertently took two with my coffee instead of water.  I spent all that day being relatively pain free and was overjoyed to think that at last I'd found some temporary relief.

Subsequent doses produced the same level of relief so I thought I was on to a winner, until I did some research.  The long term implications of paracetamol and caffeine look dismal.  I already have CKD3 (chronic kidney disease level 3 which is fairly low level), so I really should be treating any drug I take with extreme caution.  The implications for the liver are even worse.  I've linked HERE to an article in The Daily Mail so you can read for yourselves what happens.  I have to say it makes alarming reading for anyone who has to take pankillers regularly.

I can't possibly spend the rest of my life swallowing pills on a daily basis, and reading that article has highlighted how much of a stink I now need to kick up with the NHS over the lack of treatment of my foot.  Seemingly it's the root cause of a lot of things, beginning with balance problems, the stress it's causing my hip, and before long it will impact my lower back and my knees.  Before the last two things happen I HAVE to get my foot sorted out.

For weeks now I've been having acupuncture in an attempt to control the hip pain.  This is £30 an hour, and as the weeks wear on the cost is eating into my small income; and it's debatable whether it's doing much.  The day of the treatment sees me very comfortable, and with a slight spring in my step waddle, but the following days feel as if I'm back to square one.  I'm sure this is not the fault of the acupuncturist. I think it's because my problems are complex and need trial and error sessions before we hit on the right path.

In the meantime, I met with a friend today who is a sports masseur.  She gave me a thorough going over and suggested that when I have  my hospital appointment next month I explain to the consultant that my Tensor Fasciae Latae (yeah I know, here's a link!) seem to be affected.  We talked at length abut the impact one affected area has on another, and it seems I am lucky that my knees aren't affected already.

So, on this informative note dear readers (I'm assuming you read this far!) I'm off to find you some Simon's Cat on You Tube to release a few endorphins with a good chuckle!

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