Saturday, 10 May 2014

Bottom Wiggling

Inspiring fellow blogger Dorne Whale over at is a music lover just like me.  We share similar eclectic tastes and mine range from Mozart to Led Zepplin to a nice bit of reggae. AND come on let's face it no music collection is complete without a bit of cheese going on.   Don't turn your nose up at cheesy songs - you know perfectly well you've got some in your CD collection or in your playlists.  Oh you haven't?  Well, PISH!  Get away with you and stop fibbing.

I don't mind admitting to my playlists being littered with cheese, none more so that my Housework Songs list. They lift my spirits, make me get my bum in gear then go like a whirlwind with the mop and duster. If and when my house twinkles and smells sweet [that last one's really down to stashing all the shoes away]  its all thanks to the Housework Songs playlist.  It's amazing how music can get you going and in all it's forms, it's therapeutic.  It can make you high, make you cry, and it can even make you wiggle your bottom.

This one has a folder all of it's own called Best of Cheese.  Incidentally get a load of Philip Bailey's hair.  What the heck.....???

and here's the bottom wiggler - not cheesy at all.  This song gets more tidying up done in the shortest space of time!

I hope you enjoy.  There's so many more to share in time :-)

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