Wednesday, 7 May 2014

Update on hip

Had first appointment with Musculo Skeletal physio person yesterday. Thankfully no arthritis, so the wear and tear isn't as bad as I'd thought. However, the lateral tendon (hope I got that right) is inflamed and my hip joint bones on both sides are sore because of surrounding muscle weakness, and there's even possibly a bursa.  So - result is 12 weeks of physiotherapy to stretch and strengthen the muscles round my hip joints. 

This has gone on far too long, as has the problem with my foot.  I'm happy that someone is taking me seriously at last and that my future mobility looks waddle free!  It's a long way down the line yet, but there's hope and a reason to smile, if only at the thought of me being pushed, pulled and pummelled in every conceivable direction.

Happy days!


  1. Oh poor you. I really feel for you and yet you keep going and don't let it get you down. Good for you girl.
    Let's hope that the physio helps you to regain some movement.
    Keep smiling and fingers crossed for you. Incidentally, have you ever tried a Osteopath? I've had them work on my dodgy back, in the past and they have helped it quite a bit.
    Keep us updated, please. x

    1. Thanks Dorne. No I haven't tried an Osteopath, but it kind of makes sense and I've heard they can work wonders. It wasn't mentioned by the GP, and I'm now wondering why!


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