Thursday, 22 May 2014

One more sleep...................... the wedding.  It's tomorrow!  OH - MY - GOD how has it come round so quick???!!!!

It seems like yesterday since I was asked to do this, yet it was this time last year.  How it seemed like a great idea at the time.  It doesn't quite feel like that now it's so close.  I have a right old belly-ache and haven't slept properly and for the last few nights due to revising the tutorials that I set myself up online with various schools and academies.  I've been getting through them slowly over the last 6 months and my brain is riddled with apertures, exposures, ISO's, metering and all the guff that accompanies a DSLR camera.  That's just the technical stuff.  The there's the posing and the lighting.  Lighting?  What lighting?  I don't have a light meter, or a Speedlite or a Lastolite flash thingy-doo-dah, all-singing, all-dancing umbrella whatsit.  I bought two see through umbrellas from Primark today but they're just for keeping the rain off!

As if this wedding wasn't enough of a challenge, it's set to piss it down  rain all day tomorrow.  Brollies at the ready - big golfing one for me and the two see through ones for the bride and her dad.  Low light, dull conditions, slippery footpath to the church, not to mention the innanely grinning vicar.  If there are no fine slots in the weather, all the photo's are going to end up taken by windows at the reception venue, or using flash.  See I did pay attention to my tutorials.

I got a great tip from one of them know how flash can make dark shadows behind people if they are near a wall?  If you put a white handkerchief over the flash and fasten it on with a hair tie,  it softens the flash and doesn't create such hard shadows.  Well who knew?  It seems I do now. That little tit bit won't stop me having another crap night's sleep though.

In fact, roll on tomorrow as I will be so glad when it's all over!


  1. It will all go fine and it won't rain, because I'm going to an anti-rain dance tonight for you all.
    I will have everything crossed for you.
    You're a brave and talented woman. Go for it girl and enjoy. xxx

    1. Cool - an anti rain dance! Thank you, thank you, thank you...............
      As I am at the moment, I feel like I've got a brick in my belly and there have been frequent visits to the bathroom. I think the thought of sinking a bottle of wine later tomorrow evening when its all done, is getting me through!

      Enjoy YOUR wedding too. We'll have to swap pics :-)


  2. I have a DSLR that I NEED to learn to use...

    I just always seem to fall back on the one that I have that I 'know'...

    The handkerchief over the flash is referred to as diffused lighting... I don't know why I could use my old film SLRs... but am intimidated by the digital monster...


    1. Hey Shoes, thanks for the comment! It'll be fun to learn how to use the DSLR - and there's lots of tutorials on You Tube if you don't have the books or manuals. Don't think you need lots of lenses either. The kit lens that you get with the camera will cover a multitude of every day situations. I use mine most of all.

      Let me know if you decide to give it a go and we can do camera geek talk! ;-)


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