Thursday, 1 May 2014

Hello, nice to see you. Come on in!

In anticipation of someone popping round for a catch up, I uncorked a bottle of wine and also put the kettle is on.  Park your bum - I saved you the comfiest chair.  So,  coffee?  Tea?  Something stronger?  There's cake too......don't want you going home thinking I'm a bad hostess!

Ok, so now we're settled, let's have a bit of nice background chill music.  I hope you like Sting - he's one of my hearthrobs.  I'll drone on about the others later (Robert Palmer, and Robert Plant to name a couple, both for different moods!)

Here's a couple of my favourites from Sting.  They are very different from any Police tracks, and in my view in a class of their own.  Are you comfy by the way?  You might like this cushion to lean on.  Shall we listen to this first?  We can always natter afterwards.

How did you like that?  Good?  Try this one!

Relaxed now?  That's good.  So how was your Easter?  I really hope it was a good one!  Loads of chocolate?  I tried to keep it to a minimum but my lovely daughter treated me to a Smarties Egg.  I was restrained and took 3 days to see it off.  I could happily have munched my way through it in an hour but she was with us at the cottage in Wales so I figured I shouldn't be a greedy guts and show myself up.

So, now that the ice is broken again after no postings for almost two weeks, I'll try not to bore you with how great Wales was, but I have to say it was better than great.

The condensed version is:
  • Stayed near Porthmadog on the coast of West Wales
  • I'll be posting a few pictures in the 'Gallery' at the first opportunity.
  • Weather was mostly sunny and warm(ish)
  • Only two dull and rainy days out of seven
  • Cottage was wonderful and I owe my friend a huge thanks for letting us use it
  • Went up Snowdon to the summit on what had to be the clearest day.  It was all wonderful.
  • Visited the lovely Portmeirion
  • Rode on the Ffestiniog railway.
  • Dined out on three evenings in the local pubs/restaurants, and also had fish and chips twice from the local chippy.  If I said to you it was like eating REAL fish, would you know what I meant?  My reason for asking is because we have a chippy in our village at home and I don't know what they do to their fish but it sure doesn't taste or look anything like you get from the coast!  It's supposed to come fresh from Grimsby - fresh my @ss!  I've resorted to having sausage and chips from there now!  Anyway I'm digressing as usual.....
  • Did a bit too much walking and went beyond my limitations resulting in some very uncomfortable days, accompanied by tears of frustration followed by more painkillers.
  • Husband kindly offered to buy me a walking pole from an outdoor centre but I grumpily and rather ungraciously told him where to stick it.  He calmly placed it back on display and went off whistling to check out rain jackets.  Poor bloke!  I crept up behind him and gave him a hug to apologise.  
  • I bought a limited edition painting from a little gallery in Porthmadog which now has pride of place over my sideboard in the living room.  It was love at first sight and I couldn't get the image out of my mind all week so I guess I was meant to have the painting, don't you?  Please say yes, of course you did!
So, that's all my news for the time being.  You're not asleep are you?  Did I bore you or shall we blame the wine?

Oh, you ARE awake.  Come on tell me all about YOUR Easter...........



  1. I'll have wine and cake please. I love the Sting videos. I think this version of Fragile is absolutely brilliant. It's such a moving song. I play it regularly. I also like Desert Rose. In fact almost anything by Mr Sting is fine by me.
    Speak soon. Have a fab weekend lovey. x

    1. Oooh good to find a fellow Sting fan. I used to play him over and over a few years back then I went on to some other stuff for a while. He's always there in the background though....CDs in the car, downloads on the laptop. I'm planning a post on the music in my life. It seems my collections are eclectic as yours :-)

  2. I like Sting...

    My favorite Sting video...

    I think that is some cool dancing at th 1:45 mark...

    I always liked his voice... his efforts... and he was a bass player!!!



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