Wednesday, 21 May 2014

Rehearsal for Friday's wedding. And and a strange vicar

It was the happy couple's rehearsal at the church last night and I was on hand to:
  • take instruction from the vicar about where I can take pictures from
  • get a few test shots
  • introduce myself to the few friends and family who were there
Did it go according to plan?  Of course not!  Well, not from my angle anyway.  The vicar was the strangest bloke I've come across in a long time, with a fixed grin that shot on and off his face randomly.  He was helpful though and I now know that I'll just be shooting from the bottom of the aisle only.  The family intro's went nicely, and a few pictures outside with the bridesmaids went reasonably well.  I even managed to try out my telephoto lens that I'm planning to use for the random guest shots later on at the reception.  Unfortunately inside the church last evening was a different matter.  This was down to:

  • the vicar not putting on the main church lights above the pews
  • me being in the darkened bit at the bottom of the aisle
  • the backdrop of the altar area was lit up like a stage
  • I forgot to change one of the settings within the camera to compensate from shooting in a darkened area through to brightness
  • Once I'd thought on to make the adjustment, AND steady my camera on a pile of hymn books, things got marginally better.  Unfortunately not enough to make me happy though.
  • Result?  A set of shots so poor that they are only fit for the 'Shite Shots' folder on the laptop.  Out of about 30 shots I took, only 5 or 6 came out any good.

I tried not to be too disappointed in myself, but as I looked at them despairingly on the laptop later my stomach began to drop into my shoes.  

What if I make this kind of mess on the day?  
Will I be able to salvage anything?
Will I be quick enough to respond to opportunities? 
What if I miss stuff and all my shots come out boring as hell?
What if all the guests take better snaps on their phones?

I might just go lock myself in a toilet and not come out all day. With THIS face.....

Alternatively, someone just shoot me NOW!!

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