Thursday, 15 May 2014

Photo project for this week - Recycling

Hello all

I set myself a photo project from time to time and a few weeks ago I did 'Ephemera', using my old typewriter.  I found some others from that project but haven't loaded them yet.  I forgot to edit them, so that's why I held off.  In fact quite possibly they may never make it out of the folder on my laptop.  Nothing wrong with them, but they'll sit there for about 2 years when I'll find them again and wonder why I didn't do anything with them.  That's how I roll!

Anyway, with my usual gung ho attitude I rapidly moved on and this week it's been 'Recycling'.  I popped a few on here so you get the idea.

The wood under the tulip is some old stuff that Grumpy Trousers had hanging about in the garage so he made me a 3ft square little platform to put my subjects on.  Good bit of recycling there as this little platform will work well for years to come for my still life bits and pieces.  Grumpy looked at this photo and completely missed its beauty, instead seeing that the boards had come adrift and were not butted up properly.  Personally I like it that one is sitting a tiny bit lower than the other as it casts a shadow.

The jar is one of a set that I made for my daughter for her tea lights .  I had a bit of burlap and some stray ribbon and did a set of three.  They don't half look nice when the tea lights are glowing inside.  Not sure the photo captures that aspect well enough but after about 20 attempts I got proper fed up and just chose the best of the bunch.  I might make some more and give them to the local scout group to flog at the summer fair.  I reckon they'd go for a couple of quid each, don't you?

The tin cans have been salvaged to decorate and use as pen pots or for make up brushes.  Wound with paper string and off cuts of chiffon I reckon they look pretty and quirky.  Maybe another donation to the summer fair.

I like photographing still life, primarily because it sits still, minds it's own business and doesn't complain when I faff and prat about.

Nothing wrong with a bit of faffing and pratting.  It CAN get results :-)


  1. Your images are beautiful. I love the candle jars. They are the sort of thing I would buy for my house and I would pay more than a couple of quid!
    How clever of you to use these items and create something so lovely.
    And I agree, the uneven piece of board adds to the photo, which is beautifully lit and shot. Well done you. More please. If you start to sell your craft wares, please give me a shout and I'm being serious. You could sell them on Etsy. x

  2. Dorne, thank you so much! I've been giving the Etsy thing a bit of thought as I've always got something on the go. My daughter gave me the glass jars with a "here y'ar mum, do summat wi these!" [Pardon the dialect if you're not from Yorkshire or Derbyshire!] So that's how the glass jar idea came to fruition.

    As for the tin cans - they're all over the ruddy place at the minute. Grumpy is getting a bit grumpy about them. Divine retribution I call it....for all the chaos he creates :-D

  3. I get yer drift. I'm from Leeds originally. I love them and I think you should do Etsy. I would, if I could make things as lovely as that. You could even produce a book, with easy instructions and your fab images, for the likes of der brains, such as myself. Self- publish on Kindle. xxx


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