Friday, 11 July 2014

Bloody pain!

How often do you hear me moan? C'mon be honest, I don't much do I? 

Hmm, well, last night I was watering my plants and a few of them are down the driveway and it's more trouble than its worth reeling out the hosepipe for them. So I put some water in a couple of buckets and trundled down the drive and duly soaked the fuschias and geraniums. I took back the buckets and put them down empty and as I did so I biggest pain EVER shot from my back, through my hip and down my outer leg.

I'm normally pretty good at not being melodramatic about my pain, and I certainly don't exaggerate an ache into a pain. But this folks, was something different. It stopped me short, I couldn't put my right foot to the floor let alone walk. I was yelling for Grumpy Trousers who was watching TV and didn't hear me, so I was stuck between the car and the house wall, quite unable to move. I kept trying to lift my leg so I could flex it but it was having none of it. The sheer effort of lifting my foot from the floor sent a searing red hot pain through my bad hip. It was after about 10 minutes I was able to drag myself back into the house with the aid of the wall and the car. From that point on, everything I did or tried to do caused the most awful pain. Eventually I got Grumpy to massage all down that side as I lay on the bed. He's a bit heavy handed and doesn't always know his own strength so I had to plead with him for a lighter touch. He got there in the end, and it did provide a little bit of relief. I took an industrial sized dose of painkillers (naughty, naughty!) but I just wanted some relief.

The picture below shows the name of my normal hip condition and an over view of the symptoms.  What happened yesterday was nothing like the pain I get with this.

Strangely, while I lay in bed I had no pain except when I moved. The painkillers knocked me out a bit so I managed to sleep and today, the area is feeling very sore, but nothing as bad as last evening.  I've been a right misery-arse today as it's curtailed my plans to go shopping with a friend.  There's always another day of course and I should wind my neck in and get over myself.  Oh, I know, I'll put a John Bishop DVD on, that should make me forget the pain for a while.  That man has no idea of his pain killing abilities!

So, at the end of all this I reckon I've trapped a nerve or upset my sciatic nerve, and any pain radiating from that would travel through my hip making the bursitis ten times worse.  What do you reckon? I'd appreciate some responses especially if you've had something similar.

Thanks in anticipation xxxx


  1. Hope your feeling a bit better now, it's so bad when pain stops you short like that, ((((hugs))))

  2. Hi Linda, sorry to hear about your pain. I suspect it's a trapped nerve. Maybe something is inflamed. Have you tried taking anti inflamatories? (Is that how you spell that?)
    Hope you feel better soon. Take care. X


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