Saturday, 5 July 2014

Post-injection progress

Well now, since I had the cortisone injection on Wednesday, my foot has behaved rather well.  My fingers are crossed as I say this, but I am cautiously hopeful that the injection hit the right spot.

I rested up for a full day after the injection, but since then I have been walking pain free, feeling more energised and generally going about my day with a renewed vigour.

The consultant asked me to keep a diary of any feeling or sensations I get in my foot, and we will be discussing this at my next appointment.  So far my diary entries show two complete days without pain. Today however, I'll be entering that I have some marginal discomfort which I blame on choosing to wear some sandals last evening. I got a bit complacent you see.  I have lived in training shoes or Fit Flops for six years, not able to wear anything nice either (I mean, who wants to wear a nice dress and spoil the effect with laced up black trainers FGS!!)  and so I figured a couple of hours in some pretty sandals wouldn't cause a problem.  Hmmmm, well, it may well  have done - there's an achy sensation in my foot that definitely wasn't there yesterday.  Still can't call it a pain, but an ache, most certainly.  I won't be doing that again for a while.  I should let my foot settle with the benefits of the injection and continue to wear the clumsy training shoes. As I was tidying my wardrobe yesterday I found my white trainers, so I can wear those now too.  I ditched them as they weren't suitable for work, but as that's no longer an issue I can get some wear out of them too.

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