Wednesday, 9 July 2014

Hi, how are you?

Hello, I do hope you're OK.  I'm being a bad blogger because regrettably I'm not posting as often as I'd like - I keep getting taken out by Grumpy Trousers!  Don't get me wrong, I'm not moaning - in fact I'm very happy about it.

We had a fabulous day out yesterday - just took it upon ourselves to bugger off out with some sandwiches wrapped in kitchen foil, a flask of coffee and a bag of sweets.  We planned a route into Staffordshire to a spot we'd passed many times but never called there.  The place is called The Roaches, which is between the towns of Leek and Buxton.  From the main road it's very impressive, but we motored across the moorland in search of other aspects of the area.  I have to say we were absolutely blown away by the sheer beauty and wildness of the area.  The weather helped of course as it was clear and sunny and it made everything look cheerful.

I took this photo (one of many) and it shows Grumpy Trousers sitting on a rock formation called The Winking Man.  We'd walked a fairly easy route up from the road, but I lost confidence because I wasn't wearing my walking boots, only my training shoes.  I was terrified I'd upset my foot as the terrain was a bit rocky.  I was careful however, and made it as high as I felt able to go.  Had I worn my boots I could have tackled so much more.  I think that's reason enough to make a return visit.

The weather was fantastic, and as you'll notice from the picture, it was possible to see for mile after mile. There's a bluey cast to the photo which for some reason I can't get rid of, but it was early afternoon so that was the natural colour of the light.  I'd love to be up on those rocks in the early morning or the 'golden hour' in the evening, because they were beyond magnificent!

Today, I had lunch with some of The Happy Old Bags.  It was someone's birthday and six of us gathered up for a pub lunch.  There were catch ups and gossip, but strangely not as much laughter as usual.  I think people are still reeling from the fact that five of us are gone and we'll no longer be part of their working day. It's going to be dreadful in September whens the new terms starts, with a new intake of students, all like fish out of water.  They'll be needy and the staff will be struggling to deal with the sheer volume of kids coming through the library doors needing an induction.  I feel for those left behind to cope.

Right, that's it, I'm off to bed now.  Sleep tight yourselves.

Hasta la vista!


  1. How funny, I just got through writing a blog about enjoying summer than saw your photo and blog on Google+ doing just what I recommended! As I wrote, summertime is halfway over so now's the time to "savor the remaining lazy days of carefree sunshine that lends itself to serenity and joy." What a beautiful place. Wish I was there! Wonderful article. Keep up the good work!

  2. Go for it and enjoy the sun and long days. Hope you're feeling and moving around a bit better. Love the picture by the way.x

  3. Thank you ladies. You comments are great and much appreciated xxxx


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