Tuesday, 1 July 2014

A New Day, and a New Era

Blimey, what's it all going to bring?  I feel a bit rudderless today as I made no plans to get me through the day.  I figured I'd just go along with it.  Grumpy Trousers is doing jobs on the garage roof, wearing his baggy jeans, his sartorially elegant red braces to hold up said jeans, old polo shirt with collar turned up and a mucky old baseball cap.  It's very hot here today and he suffers if he gets too much sun.  I left him with the all pervading smell of tar, and headed off to the local public library. 

Despite working in a library for the last 7 years, its rare for me to entry the portals of the public one.  This is my local library and not the main town one.  I love this little library as it still has its old wooden bookshelves and stacks, wooden panelling on the walls, and smells deliciously of beeswax.  Just how a library should smell!!

My next port of call was the supermarket for some laundry powder, but of course - you know how it is, if you're a woman it's not possible to go in for just one thing, is it?  Typically, I treated myself to a cheap bunch of flowers, something for tea to save me defrosting something, some fruit and eventually I remembered what I'd gone in for.  The laundry powder.

On the way home, I called at the local tip to offload some bags of shredded paper.  They'd get left in the spare room until about 10 bags had accumulated.  They drive me mad however.  I end up playing football with them when I need to get something from that room, so my intention is to get rid of them when there's a couple. 

Now home, coffee with Grumpy Trousers if I can lure him down from the garage roof, then plant some geraniums.

I know how to live it large, don't I?


  1. Glad it's been a good 'first day' for you, I've been 'pottering' & thoroughly enjoying it!

  2. It will get better Linda. I started off by cleaning every single cupboard in my house. They're all a mess now and I'm too busy to do them...and I'm in Scotland! x


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