Friday, 18 July 2014

Have these on me.............

Summer songs....don't you just love them?  I'm sharing two of my most favourites from the playlist.

This one because it reminds me of my first holiday without my parents.  My chum and I went to Great Yarmouth in a grotty flat for a week, and had the greatest time.  The memories are so vivid of her and me in mini skirts, skinny tops, check shirts, hipster pants, boys on Lambrettas, older boys on loud motorbikes, the sound and smell of the sea, hot sand, candy floss, chips, chips and more chips.......every day we had bloody chips - no parents to make us eat sensibly you see.  Summer in the City was in the charts at the time and was played everywhere...happy days :-)

And this one.....wonderful Isley Brothers and the melodic Summer breeze from around 1974.  Newly married, and got this on tape.  I still have the album, but nothing to play it on now.  Thank heavens for You Tube!

Did they evoke any nice memories for you?

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