Thursday, 20 March 2014

Menopause crap

Despite it being International Happiness Day I woke up distinctly grumpy this morning.  I hoped it would wear off but there's no sign of it abating just yet.  This blog address isn't called 'grumpydrawers' for nothing, so I guess I'd better tell you what's causing it. Menopause crap that's what.

I'm on 'Round 2' can you believe!  I started my first menopause at the early age of 39, avoided HRT and got through the whole caboodle by age 48.  I was well happy about that, I can tell you.  For the last few months however, I seem to be having some kind of resurgence of symptoms that I escaped first time round.

Listed in order of the annoyance factor, there's....

1.  Night sweats (hot flashes) - some nights I'm burning up the moment my back touches the mattress!
2.  Itchy skin - mostly on my legs.  I shed flakes of skin on the inside of my black work trousers - eek!
3.  Aching joints - my wrists are hurting a lot today.  Lifting books are a problem.
4.  Extreme lethargy - may be due to not sleeping because of the night sweats.
5.  Head pains - similar to the electric shock type pains I had first time round.  Not as intense this time.

How I think I look.....

Bless her she's probably drunk, and NOT menopausal - it's another Grace Robertson image from the book, Grace Robertson Photojournalist of the 1950's.

I need chocolate!

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