Wednesday, 5 March 2014

Nice news

Not just Nice News but GOOD News
On Monday I had my last session with Andrew at Spirit Acupuncture.  It was a good session and by the time I left the building I was feeling really fit and well.  Nothing hurt anywhere.  I was walking comfortably, and my trademark waddle was down to a minimum.  How good that felt!  It's been a long time since I experienced  that and quite honestly it brought about a few teary moments.  So thankful was I to have a semblance of normality back.

It lasted through yesterday too when Grumpy Trousers and I went to The Photography Show at The NEC, Birmingham.  It's a bit of a trek from the car park into the exhibition centre, and once in there it's at least another 10 minute walk to get to the Halls.  I managed all that with no pain.  Walking without the gait, and striding out at a brisk pace put me on rather a high so I got quite giggly!  It was a lovely sunny day too, not particularly warm but the light levels were strong and lifted my elevated spirits even more.

I'd been looking forward to the show for a while, but was actually dreading the trek around, shuffling along with the crowds knowing the strain on my hip would become unbearable before too long.  But none of that happened.  I was pain free, and because we'd chosen to go mid-week the crowds were not in such abundance. There were still lots of people but  bags of space to move along comfortably.

I've loved photography for as long as I can remember, and to be there amongst the big names together with being offered opportunities to photograph models was irresistible.  We visited all the stands, marvelling at  the latest cameras, looking on in wonderment at the professional equipment, seeing radical new ways with wall art.....the list is endless!  

I went with an open mind about how much I might spend, although I'd set myself a modest budget.  That all went out of the proverbial window within 10 minutes after I enrolled on a course with The Photographer Academy.  The show prices were rather a bargain and it was too good to miss.   It was dear, patient Grumpy Trousers who suggested I enrol.  I dithered for a while, aware that I was about to bust my budget, but considering what came with the package it was a no-brainer.  You see, my skills have reached a level where I can't progress much more without some serious help, so I consider this to be an investment.  Bless him, Grumpy was just wonderful yesterday showing lots of interest and giving me encouragement. That was so nice as I do worry that he may not be enjoying things as much, but he was absolutely fine. 

So, here's a few images shot through the crowd.  They illustrate what opportunities were available.

Models on the Hasselblad stand

The Catwalk workshop on posing and lighting with Frank Doorhof, a Dutch celebrity and fashion photographer


  1. Hey you... has the acupuncture worked well for you? I am tempted to try it...

    I also love photography...It's amazing how digital has so replaced film...


    1. How lovely to get a comment! Thanks for that xxx

      The acupuncture took a while to work but on the whole I'd say it was very beneficial. if yesterday was anything to go by. The trouble is I was sitting at work all day today as the opportunity to move around and walk anywhere is kind of limited. So far so good though :-)

      The digital era of photography is wonderful isn't it? Do you recall how much it cost to get your film developed? A small fortune! You couldn't afford to make mistakes as they were costly ones. We all did though.

      I hope you're well :-)


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