Wednesday, 5 March 2014

Speaking of Guilty's my Top Ten

......and I demand to know yours too.  Go on, we've all got some.  They don't have to revolve around sex and erotica do they?  But even if they do, what does it matter?  

Whoops, there I go again creating naughty keywords for my labels.  Ok I confess, my curiosity is piqued.  I'm dying to see what turns up as a result!

Anyway, back on track.  Here's my list....

1.  Red wine.  
It's good for you in small quantities.  I like to try it out twice to see if the first small quantity worked.

2.  Chocolate.
But you know this already and it's probably on your own list.  Dark chocolate is good for you in small quantities. I like to try it out twice to see if the first small quantity worked.  I think I said that about red wine too.  Well, you have to make sure.

3.  Sleeping.
I shouldn't feel guilty about this, but I do.  I can nap for England, sometimes three times a day.  Grumpy Trousers must be so bored.  It's no wonder he retreats into his man-cave!

4. BBC Radio 4.  
No longer a guilty pleasure.  Just a complete and utter pleasure.  If you haven't indulged yet I suggest you tune in for their play and book readings.  I've often sat in the supermarket car park listening to the end of something rivetting.  Can't possibly go shopping until I know who's done it!

5.  Burlesque.
I absolutely LOVE burlesque.  Done properly it's not in the least but rude, but it IS cheeky and mischievous, not to mention hilarious.  It's also beautiful, and very tasteful.  

6.  Guys with deep toned, posh voices
I have been known to fall apart at the seams, rendering me a gibbering wreck when in conversation with such a man.  He ends up talking to himself!  

7. Liam Neeson
He's tall, he's Irish. He's good looking. That's all.

8. Facebook and Twitter
I'm not addicted to FB or Twitter.  I visit my own pages on there 2-3 times a week for catch-ups with chums etc.  I like to take a look at my Penguins Waddle page most days though in case a follower has commented.  They don't very often but I live in hope.

9.  Buying music
I can't help it.  I hear it, I like it, I have to have it.  There and then.  Thank goodness for Spotify, iTunes and Amazon.

10.  Kindle books
Aside from my photography stuff, Kindle books are my biggest indulgence.  As with buying music, I see an appealing ad for a Kindle book and it has to be bought there and then.  I rarely buy expensive ones however.  The prices I pay vary from £1.99 to absolutely free.  I've had some brilliant books for those prices, but they are now stacking up in the Kindle. I need a nice long holiday to be able to catch up on the reading.

I have FAR more guilty pleasures than the ones I've mentioned.  Maybe I'll list numbers 11-20 another time.

C'mon, off-load some of your own guilty pleasures here.  There can't be just me, surely?


  1. Hmmm... my guilty pleasure... I sure like a good margarita... and, like you, I also enjoy a nice red wine...

    Hmmm... two listed and both are alcohol... I promise that I am not an alcoholic...

    I promise... :oD


  2. Lazing around in a hot tub with a glass of champagne , on a private terrace overlooking a forest, outside of a wooden chalet.
    This has been one of fantasies for so long. This year is my year of making my fantasies and guilty pleasures come true. At least the legal ones! So I have booked this for hubby, my daughter, her partner, my grandson, the dog... I may tag along if they all behave themselves and don't annoy me.
    The hot tub may get a bit crowded. Can't wait.
    My Kindle will also be packed. Lots of novels I want to read.
    Enjoyed this Linda. Will be back for more. x

    1. Thank you so much Dorne. You must let me know about your holiday because it sounds just lovely. I hope you get to do all the stuff you want xxx


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