Wednesday, 26 March 2014

What's Your Oldest Appliance? Is it Vintage, or Antique?

Now before we go any further, please don't say your partner!  I posed this question on my local forum and some bloke answered with 'The wife!'

Anyway, this question hit my brain a short while ago when I heard a guy saying he'd got a light bulb that was still working fine after 20 years.  I can actually top that with one that was in our porch lamp for 32 years!  It was still working fine but Grumpy Trousers decided to replace it with an energy saving one.

Then I got to thinking about electrical stuff we have that's still going strong, and below is the three that spring readily to mind.........

1.  My Carmen heated rollers - they were my mum's and were bought in 1968, so they are proper vintage.  I can't bear to part with them and I use them occasionally when the old barnet needs a bit of a perk up between washes.  

2.  Electric carving knife.  This was my father in laws which he got for a present about 1975, and I guess it could be classed as vintage too.    I still use it every Sunday.  I'm sure the blades are a bit blunt now but it works, so I'm fine with that.

3.  Hairdryer - circa 1980.  It weighs a ton and makes my arm ache!  Still works fine but I ditched  it in favour of a much lighter model.

I'm sure there's a multitude of other stuff in the garage (the man-cave) that I haven't even thought of!

Have you got any stuff that's not been pensioned off yet?

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