Wednesday, 26 February 2014

Followers and Lurkers #2

Would you look at this!  It's how many people have looked at the blog since I began.  Isn't that great??

Current Country Totals
From 23 Jan 2014 to 26 Feb 2014

 United States (US)101
California (CA)43
New Jersey (NJ)34
Missouri (MO)13
Wyoming (WY)4
Texas (TX)3
Ohio (OH)1
Georgia (GA)1
Mississippi (MS)1
New York (NY)1
 United Kingdom (GB)65
 Ireland (IE)18
 India (IN)1

Considering I only have 3 followers, a lot of you out there must be 'lurkers' - readers who have done a search and come across my musings and ruminations.

I hope one day you'll be interested enough to be a follower.  I'd be really pleased if you'd leave a comment.  Even if it's just a quick 'Hi there'.

Have a great day xxxxx

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