Wednesday, 19 February 2014

I got published!!

I'm so excited!!!   I learned today that I got a short feature published.  I've included a link to the source Boomer Cafe and my story.  

Boomer Cafe is an online magazine for baby boomers and mid-lifers that covers lots of stuff that's of interest to people like me.  It hits on topical matters like retirement, health and fitness, money together with travel and leisure.  It's based in the US and I came across it quite by accident.  They were looking for people to share stories in an essay of 300-500 words, to include photographs.  I was completely floored when they wrote back to say they liked my piece and that it would be published.  So today's the day!

It made the folks at Boomer Cafe smile apparently.  Perhaps you'd like to take a look.  It might make YOU smile too.

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