Saturday, 15 February 2014

Weight loss progress

After the initial glee of losing those few pounds, I seem to have stopped for the moment.  I'm still trying with the Paleo at the back of my mind though; I just need to get it right in my head.

Portion control might be an issue.  Last evening I had a gammon steak with lots of vegetables. Perhaps too many, who knows.  Can you have TOO many vegetables?

One good think to come out of not eating bread and cereal is that my eye area has calmed down.  I always seemed to have pink puffy eyelids and the pinkness extended up towards my brows.  I felt it was quiet noticeable as I was told I look tired all the time.  Wearing concealer over my lids and seemed to work well to disguise the pinkness, as did using a little eye shadow too.

Since I cut out the gluten based foods, I no longer seem to have the problem.  My eyes are less sore too.  However, as an experiment, I had a porridge breakfast earlier this week, then a few days later a small sandwich for lunch.  Sure enough, on both occasions within 15 minutes my eyes were feeling droopy and the pinkness had returned. I'm really glad to have this awareness now and I will avoid gluten based foods from now on.  I doubt if this is a gluten allergy, more an intolerance.

Not to be outdone though, I'll try not to let it stuff up Shrove Tuesday which is 4th March this year.  I'm having pancakes come hell or high water!  I just need to find a recipe using an alternate flour, or even no flour at all.   I think good old Slimming World have a recipe that should fit the bill.  I'll dig it out and share it on here, and also on my my Facebook Page 

I hope you're having a great Saturday!

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