Friday, 28 February 2014

My waddling career could be a thing of the past!

After seeing the new orthopedic consultant today who is a proper foot specialist, I came away full of cautious optimism.  Not to mention a few tears of relief.

One good thing to occur was I didn't have to get cross with this new guy!  He listened very carefully, understood everything I explained to him, and assured me he could do something to help.  I felt tears welling at this point; tears of relief in that I possibly have a pain free future.  Like I say, I am cautiously optimistic as before any action can be taken I need to have an MRI scan of BOTH my feet.  My last one was in 2009 with the previous consultant, which is way too long ago.  This should have been repeated twice since to determine the level of deterioration..

It's my view the previous chap had no vested interest in helping me.  Repeated clinic visits must have been nothing but a box ticking exercise not to mention the amount of funding for each patient.  If that's happening to me, there has to be hundreds of others.

I am considering a complaint but need to seek advice on that.  I'm a polite and structured complainer even though I said in the previous post I'd be all guns blazing!  Make me cross enough and that CAN happen but not very often.  Normally I'm the one in the restaurant who has a nice quiet word with the staff.  I find it gets me much more than if I was shouting the place down.  I hate that, don't you?

Here I am digressing yet again.  You need to stop me when I get going, or I'll bore for England!  So where was I?  Oh yes....I know.  So, the point I'm at now is waiting for a date for my MRI scan, then 10 days after that see the consultant again to discuss options.

He hinted it may end up being a tendon repair in which case I'll be off work for anywhere between 8-12 weeks.  And it won't be pain free either.  I need to work out if I want to go ahead with this but my gut instinct is saying 'yes I do'.  If I don't, my long term prognosis is my foot continually deteriorating.  I'll end up being chair-bound at home and using a walking aid when I'm out.  Waddling for the rest of my life? Who wants that, for goodness sake?  Anyway, I'm not at that stage yet.  Let's get this MRI thing out of the way, and then we can make decisions.

I need chocolate.  Or red wine.  Both would be good.  Maybe not at the same time.  Mind you,  It's Friday evening - the red wine wins!

Have a great weekend xxxxxxx

Red wine can increase the amount of testosterone in the body, researchers found. Pic: John Kasawa

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