Sunday, 2 February 2014

Hello Sunday!

I really need to get off me bum and get some stuff done. BUT, Mr Grumpytrousers is out for an hour or two and the peace is rather pleasant I have to say.

How shall I use that time? Clean the bathroom (it really does need doing). Nah, stuff that. Hoover the bedroom? Well, that means disturbing the cat so maybe not. Candy Crush then! Nope, gone off that...been stuck on Level 94 for a week and now officially bored.

OK, I think I'll download some music into my 'Feelgood' folder on the laptop. That's always a nice thing to do while no-one's in. I can't get moaned at then.

This is what's going in my folder....


I wrote the above around 10.30am and its now 2.30pm.  While the music was downloading I decided to go for a walk to the newsagents at the other end of the village.  My lovely follower, author Carole E Wyer hinted that 'someone we know' was on page 27 of this weeks Take a Break. I enjoy reading anything that Carol writes, and can highly recommend her as a good read.  So, incentive enough to get bundled up in my winter jacket, strap up my foot and get my trainers on.  It's still sunny as I write and I have to say my waddle up to the shop was lovely.  Being out in the fresh air, feeling the wind ruffling my hair and whipping hell out of my skin, but all was good.  For a while.

As I set off I almost skipped down my road as the strapping on my foot was holding it nicely in place.  The pain was minimal and I figured I'd make the 1 mile round walk with no bother.  Hmm, how wrong could I be?  I made it to the crossing when I felt my hip starting to hurt.  "It'll go off" I thought as I trundled along past the playing fields.  The sun was behind me at this point and I noticed my shadow.  If I didn't know differently, I'd have said that shadow belonged to someone else.  Some decrepit old biddy who walked like she'd got one leg shorter than the other!  I monitored my walk all the way.  If I stopped for a moment 'to take in the view' (a rest stop if you must know), the pain subsided a little and I could set off pain free and walking almost normally.  However, it took less than 30 seconds for the little fecker to kick in which meant my stops became more frequent as I neared the shop.  I wished for someone to come along who I knew so I could stop (and rest) for a minute or two to say hello and have a quick catch up.  That didn't happen today, so I had to rely on loitering on the edge of the pavement waiting for traffic to pass. 

Strangely in all of this, my foot didn't give me any grief.  It was all hip related.  I shall be explaining all of this to the consultant when I see him on the 21st of this month.  I had an assessment with a sports massage lady at work who suggested that my hip problem may not be in the joint.  She feels it might well be something divinely named Tensor Fasciia Latae (nothing to do with Fascias and Soffits.  And definitely not Starbucks related either).  It's something that runs from the hip down the outside of the thigh and stops by the knee.  It's been impacted by the way I walk which directly stems from my foot.  My gait is so uneven that I feel unable to stride out with my right leg.

Right I've done moaning now.  The grumps are gone.  Husband still not back so a bit more free time for the moment.  Maybe I ought to show the bathroom a cloth and some spray bleach.  Or shall I go wave a duster round the bedroom?  Oh, the cat's still in there though.  I won't disturb her.

 Happy Sunday!!!!!

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