Sunday, 2 February 2014

Music - a great painkiller. Slash and Beth Hart "Whole Lotta Love"

This will not be to everyone's taste of course,  even with my love of gentler music, there's this need for the heavy and gritty stuff.  When I stopped smoking 12 years ago, it was listening to heavy rock that helped me to succeed.  For example, in the car, playing at full thrutch Black Sabbath or Led Zeppelin deadened my senses to the point where I forgot I wanted a fag!

I discovered Beth Hart when she did collaborations with another of my favourite rock and blues guys, Joe Bonamassa. Such is the power of her voice and indeed the power of her appearance too, she can soon make me forget the old aches and pains.

This team up with Slash for the great Led Zep song had the purists pouring out of the woodwork screeching their criticisms.  I know nothing compares to Robert Plant and Jimmy Page getting off on it, but I like the Beth and Slash version a lot.

Music is a great therapy!

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