Wednesday, 26 February 2014

Inspired by Guilty Pleasures

I blame Sarah over at for blogging about guilty pleasures.  No, she didn't write about sex, she wrote about chocolate!  Not just any old chocolate, but Green and Blacks Maya Gold.  My absolute all time, mouth drooling favourite. She gave a passing mention to Cadbury's, and she COULD have mentioned Lindt, or even Thornton's but no, it had to be Maya Gold.

Only minutes earlier prior to reading Sarah's posting, I'd been in the college Costa outlet queuing with other staff for our lunchtime coffee.  Because its Costa, it takes FOREVER to get served so there's far too much time to browse the muffins and cakes, not to mention the chocolate bars.  Maya Gold chocolate bars.  Maya  flippin GOLD!

I could feel that that familiar watering of the mouth starting, so before I began drooling I quickly looked away from the luscious orange and brown wrapper. Engaged in conversation with a colleague by way of a distraction, when it was my turn to order I opted for a black coffee and a Biscotti.  Damage limitation.  I'm all for that!
The fact is I shouldn't be having chocolate at all, unless its just a couple of squares of the 70%+ cocoa.  And the Maya Gold doesn't come close to that due to it being 55%.  I don't know where I got the will-power from but my mind was telling me to leave it alone.  I had a little box of mixed nuts in my locker; cashews, almonds and some macadamia's. Nice to tuck into when that peckish feeling hits.  I have to say they do take the edge off my appetite which can only be a good thing.  Just now its 3.15pm and the fact of writing about chocolate isn't making me crave it.  However, if there was a bar in front of me that would be a whole different ball-game!

Weight Loss?
So, after all this chocolate talk you're maybe wondering how the weight loss is going.  I was despairing a few days ago.  Nothing seemed to have budged.  I'd plateaued.  Before my appointment yesterday with Vlad The Impaler sorry, I mean Andrew at Spirit Acupuncture I decided to jump on the new scales and see what the reading was.  There had been a 5 day break since I weighed previously so I figured it was time to take another look.  Joy of joys, 1 kilo had gone!  Now that gave me a happy start to my day and I tootled off to be pinned feeling very positive.

We had a good session with the pinning, and in my back is a new area of pathways that we are investigating in relation to my hip.  I didn't swear much either.  So far so good, I feel a little less stiff today.   I have just one more session booked and then I'll call it a day for the time being.  I can always go back for a few more sessions if I need to.

Foot Consultation
Last weeks' appointment with the consultant was postponed to this Friday.  The consultant can get ready because I'm gunning for him.  Nothing to do with the postponement, more to do with my foot getting worse as each week passes.  It's almost 6 years since the problem began and nothing has been done to help.  Sometimes the pain is so bad that I want to scream, but at other times its just a dull ache.  Why is that, I shall be asking him.  As I've explained before, the only comfort I get is to wear lace up shoes which stop my foot rocking about. 

 I can wear velcro ones like these......

when all I really want to wear are THESE!!!!

A girl can dream.


  1. Those Cadbury things are WAY too good!!!


  2. Oh you bet - Cadbury's are responsible for putting me on the road to chocolate addiction! There are worse addictions though, and if chocolate is as bad as it gets for me I can live with that :-)

  3. Oh no! My good intentions are doomed now I know Maya Gold is available at college! Good luck tomorrow xxx


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